Corporate Philosopy


To be thrustworthy company engaging in property and its related business by providing the most preferred product for domestic and overseas market


  1. Creating an innovative, excellent quality and competitive products;
  2. Becoming market leader in every target market by providing highest value product to customer;
  3. Providing the most profitable in its business to our shareholder;
  4. Providing challenging and great place to work for our employee;
  5. Building mutual benefit with our partners.
  6. Caring for the environment.


PT WIKA REALTY engaged in Realty, Property, and Construction determined,

  1. Produce a quality product and competitive.
  2. Fulfilling requirements and customer satisfaction.
  3. Preventing accidents and occupational diseases, and environmental pollution, and preserving the environment.
  4. Implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG).
  5. Commitment will be reviewed periodically, continually improved and meets the regulations and other applicable requirements.


  1. Commitment
    Act with strong commited and promised.
  2. Innovation
    Apply something new
  3. Balance
    Keep steady stage in all aspect.
  4. Excellence
    Give better result
  5. Relationship
    Connect good partnership among the stakeholder.
  6. Teamwork
    Create sinergy, cooperation inter and across business units.
  7. Integrity
    Behave totality and sincerely to comprise the fairness, accountability, transparency and honestly.