WIKA Realty Officially Co-Sponsors the BTN CLS Knights Indonesia

Thursday, 31 January 2019

PT Wijaya Karya Realty ("WIKA Realty") has officially become the co-sponsor of BTN CLS Knights Indonesia in 31 January 2019. The Company gives appreciation for the performance of the basketball team with the nickname of the knight of Surabaya in the Asean Basketball League event 2018-2019. Wahyu Tri Rahmanto, as Director of WIKA Realty, expressed his pride in being able to be involved in the achievements of the BTN CLS Knights Indonesia club which won 10 wins in this prestigious event.


"WIKA Realty is proud of the achievement achieved by BTN CLS Knights Indonesia. In accordance with the targets set at the start, the club has red 10 wins. But of course we hope this achievement can be maintained by winning the next match. With the history and portfolio of the club so far, as co-sponsors we are confident that BTN CLS Knights Indonesia can continue to advance in the basketball competition in Indonesia, "Wahyu Tri Rahmanto said.


The appreciation delivered by WIKA Realty is well received by the BTN CLS Knights Indonesia Team Management. The Club Managing Partner, Christopher Tanuwidjaja, revealed, "The BTN CLS Knights Indonesia family thanked WIKA Realty for their trust in our club. This collaboration has made our team even more motivated to continue to give the best achievements in the future competition. "


As part of a business entity that is under the auspices of a BUMN, WIKA Realty also wants to develop Indonesia. One of his contributions is to support the progress of the country in the field of sports, in this case through the basketball branch. The reason for choosing BTN CLS Knights Indonesia as a basketball club sponsored by WIKA Realty is due to the alignment of the values ??adopted by the two teams, namely Agility (responsiveness to change and competition), Caring (care for stakeholders), and Excellence (giving best result).


As revealed by Wahyu Tri Rahmanto, "Support as co-sponsors is given to BTN CLS Knights Indonesia not only because the club is one of the best basketball clubs in Indonesia, but also because of the similarity in value with WIKA Realty. Where on a business and organizational structure they are well managed, resulting in satisfying achievements. In addition, their clubs that have competed to the Asian leval also make it very good for our promotional facilities in introducing our property products more broadly. "