High Rise Property Management

Property Management Business Sector


There are 2 sub-units in this unit: Property I manages Club Houses, and Property II focuses on building and estate management. Property I currently manages 7 club houses with various facilities such as Driving Ranges, Swimming Pools, Tennis and Futsal Courts and space leasing. Property II manages 5 sites of Office Buildings, 1 Industrial Estate, 1 Institution/Company House and 2 Tower Apartments.


  • Wika Building 1 Kav. 9
  • Wika Building 2 Kav. 3-4
  • Wika Representative Buildings in Medan and Surabaya
  • Wika Cibinong-Bogor Industrial Area
  • Rented Offices - Banda Aceh, Nangroe Aceh Darussalam
  • BI Housing Facility in Slipi - West Jakarta
  • BI Buildings C & D and Mosque in Thamrin - Central Jakarta.

Tamansari Sudirman Apartments Management. BI Buildings C & D and Mosque in Thamrin as well as the BI Housing Facility in Slipi do not belong to the Wika Group and are thus examples of outside property management. The management of these properties came about through an open tender process successfully won by our Property Management team. It is hoped that in the future more property assets outside of the Wika Group will come to be managed by the group.