Good Corporate Governance


Wika Realty is aware that good corporate governance (GCG) is one of the keys to the progress, success and sustainability of the company going into the future. In light of this, the Company is fully committed to applying GCG and developing a culture of GCG in every person working for Wika Realty.

The Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors as well as all levels of management are fully aware that the core issue in implementing GCG is the existence of a sincere commitment to applying the ‘rules of the game’ as well as business management practices that are healthy, ethical and responsible for the sake of both shareholders as well as other stakeholders in the company. It is realized that such a sincere commitment will encourage all organs of the company to be determined, to use all their abilities and to give their best efforts in order to create value for the shareholders and other stakeholders through optimum work performance and ongoing business success.

In 2010 Wika Realty began compiling guidelines for the implementation of GCG, covering the following:
a. Company Management Guide
b. GCG Implementation Guide
c. Company Management Code of Ethics

Despite the added focus on GCG, PT Wika Realty has always been managed, in principal, by paying attention to the following:
a. All activites and actions must be in line with the Company Constitution
b. Working plans must be ratified at the GSM by shareholders
c. All other guidelines associated with the management of the company must be followed.

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Book of Corporate Governance & Code of Conduct

Board of Manual

Procurement Procedure

GCG Violation Complaints 

Prosedur Whistle Blowing System
Prosedur Pengendalian Gratifikasi