Wika Realty Sponsoring Anne Avantie Show at JFW

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

PT Wika Realty joined Anne Avantie in its show during the Jakarta Fashion Week on 25 October 2016.  Our company engaged as one of the sponsors for the outstanding Indonesian designer’s show.

Wika Realty, through our brand, Tamansari, has always raised the local content in each property it develops. This is reflected in our brand name, Tamansari, which contains the local element, has a meaning as a place where the king rest and spend time with family. This is the uniqueness of Wika Realty from other developers.

Our collaboration with Anne Avantie is to show our support to Indonesia’s leading designers with the same merit characteristics. Rizkan Firman, our Marketing Manager, explains that using local contents in its Tamansari property design is one of our endeavour to raise the local culture to the new level.

Additionally, the inclusion of business property in fashion world is one of the attempts to capture the targeted consumer which is approached by seeing its lifestyle, market segment, and product penetration to the customers. Wika Realty realised and applied this approach as one of our marketing promotion tools of our property. Anne Avantie’s fashion show in Jakarta Fashion Week 2016 is our momentum to capture our targeted consumers – from middle to high-end class. Evidently, fashion that is worn by someone reflects the person that wears it, as how someone’s property reflects its owner.