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WIKA Realty Plastic Bag Diet Movement in commemoration of its 19th anniversary at CFD Jakarta - Wika Realty - Best Partner in Property.

WIKA Realty Plastic Bag Diet Movement in commemoration of its 19th anniversary at CFD Jakarta

Sunday, 20 January 2019

On commemoration of its 19th anniversary, WIKA Realty held a Plastic Bag Diet campaign on Sunday, 20 January 2019 at the Car Free Day Jakarta area (Jl. Jend. Sudirman - Jl. MH Thamrin). This event is also supported by the Board of Directors, Management, and all WIKA Realty employees who participate in the long walk while carrying out 'robbing' plastic bags to the visitors of the car free day.


Juni Ermawan as Corporate Secretary of WIKA Realty said that this campaign purpose as a concrete action from the Company to embrace the community to start replacing the use of plastic bags with reusable bags that were shared by WIKA Realty employees. The company also expects this activity to simultaneously educate the public about the dangers of using plastic in their daily lives and inspire them to stop using plastic, both in the form of bags, bottles and so on. In the action, WIKA Realty is welcomed by people who voluntarily exchanged their used plastic bags with reusable bags and as result 768 pieces of plastic bags are collected.


Suyamat, as Director of WIKA Realty, expressed his gratitude and happiness to be part of WIKA Realty's 19th anniversary celebration. Especially with this Plastic Bag Diet activity, the Company can increasingly make a real contribution to the environment and society not only for housing and property that has been presented for almost 20 years. Suyamat further stated that the Plastic Bag Diet activity will not stop at this campaign, but continued within the internal company where there will be a termination of the use of plastic bottles in the office environment. In addition, WIKA Realty is also working with the Plastic Bag Diet Movement to provide additional knowledge for employees and management to further increase awareness regarding this environmentally friendly issue.