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WIKA Group Synergy in Building Indonesia

Wednesday, 20 February 2019

In commemoration of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk("WIKA") 59th anniversary, WIKA and its subsidiaries, PT Wijaya Karya Realty and PT Wijaya Karya Bitumen, conducted a series of WIKA Peduli social activities through the distribution of 1,000 books to the Provincial Government of Sulawesi South on Wednesday (2/20). The event is held in Sapanang Village, Binamu District, Jeneponto Regency and is attended by Director of Operation 1 of WIKA, Agung Budi Waskito, Management of WIKA Group, and representatives of the Regional Government of Jeneponto Regency, Drs. H. Ikhsan Iskandar as Regent of Jeneponto and H. Paris Yasir as Deputy Regent of Jeneponto, and representatives of the Government of South Sulawesi Province, Moh. Hasan as Head of the Regional Library and Archives Office of South Sulawesi Province.


On this occasion, Agung Budi Waskito said, WIKA was very committed in its mission to build the country not only in terms of infrastructure development, but also through social activities to realize sustainable corporate responsibility. This social action is not the first time that WIKA has contributed to the development of the community, in the past years WIKA has carried out various activities as a form of concern for the community and the environment. This year, WIKA's social activities focus on 5 major islands in Indonesia spread across 9 regions, one of which is in the Sulawesi region.


"Overall, this year WIKA will distribute 5,900 books to be distributed to several regions in Indonesia through activities titled" WIKA Sharing Books for Indonesia ". We submit not less than 1,000 books to the Government of South Sulawesi Province to help students to further enrich the children's insight, "said Agung Budi Waskito.


Through synergy with the work unit and its subsidiaries, the event is also complemented by the provision of material assistance to the people of Sapanang Village for the restoration of the village area which was hit by a massive flood last January. WIKA also cooperates with the Guidance Association and Counselors to carry out healing counseling activities that can help reduce the sense of trauma experienced by the community after being hit by natural disasters.


Not only in Jeneponto, WIKA continues this series of social activities in Buton District on Friday (2/22). The activities carried out included free medical treatment, provision of clean water facilities, planting tree seedlings, and submitting book donations.


Agung Budi Waskito conveyed further, "we hope this form of WIKA's care can provide benefits in improving the quality of life of the community and building Indonesia to be more advanced and victorious."