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PT Wijaya Karya Realty Held Industrial Visit from SMKN 2 Yogyakarta in relation to Educational Programs - Wika Realty - Best Partner in Property.

PT Wijaya Karya Realty Held Industrial Visit from SMKN 2 Yogyakarta in relation to Educational Programs

Wednesday, 30 October 2019

Jakarta, 30 October 2019 - PT WIKA Realty held an industrial visit from SMK 2 Yogyakarta at the Company's Head Office at Tamansari Hive Office, Jakarta. The event is attended by management representatives of WIKA Realty, including Teguh Martono as Manager of Management Systems, Nohandika as Head of Engineering & Planning, and Makmun as Head of PR & CSR. Meanwhile, SMK 2 Yogyakarta is attended by Drs. Mardiana as the Chair of the Construction and Property Engineering Expertise Program and 115 students from class XI Building Modeling and Information Design at SMKN 2 Yogyakarta.


During this visit, WIKA Realty presents work activities and cultures in the Company through its company profile and portfolio. In addition, WIKA Realty also specifically gives an explanation related to the construction planning work carried out by the Head of Engineering & Planning, Nohandika. The students are very enthusiastic in participating in this event by asking a lot of questions related to work activities, especially in the fields of planning and architectural engineering.


Teguh Martono, Management System Manager, expressed the company's appreciation for the enthusiasm of learning and students' interest in WIKA Realty, "this industry visit is a program that has been held by the Company and of course we warmly welcome similar programs to be carried out sustainably. This program is also a form of our commitment as a company that is responsible to stakeholders, one of which is by providing teaching to students, both at the high school / vocational level and university, which can become a provision when they work later. " 


Meanwhile, Nohandika added, "by conveying the work process carried out by the Engineering Bureau, starting from the planning process to the tools used, we hope that the participants can gain additional knowledge and be better prepared to enter the workforce and in continuing their education to the next level." 


Drs. Mardiana as the representative of SMKN 2 Yogyakarta expressed his appreciation to the company for providing opportunities for students to learn the ins and outs of business in the property sector. The school is hopeful that this program can be continued in the future.