Signing of Tripartite Cooperation Agreement between PT WIKA Realty and Polda Metro Jaya and PT Bank Tabungan Negara for the Development of JD Sevaka Residence Tangerang

Monday, 11 November 2019

Jakarta, 11 November 2019 - PT Wijaya Karya Realty held a signing of tripartite cooperation agreement with the Metro Jaya Regional Police and PT Bank Tabungan Negara ("Bank BTN") on Monday (11/11). The signing ceremony is held at the Metro Jaya Regional Police Office, Jakarta, which is opened by the Chief Commissioner of the Police Drs. Hariono, Head of the Metro Jaya Police Logistics Bureau and attended by several ranks of the Metro Jaya Police, namely the Kabidkum High Commissioner of the Police Drs. Hengki, Irbidbin Itwasda AKBP Budhi H., and Head of Kerma AKBP Operations Bureau Jefri Ronald Parulian. In addition, the management of WIKA Realty and Bank BTN also attended this momentum. WIKA Realty is represented by the Directors, Agung Salladin, as the President Director, and Eri Prananto, as the Director of Township Development, and the management represented by Kukuh Ariyadi and Tumbur Butar Butar. While Bank BTN is represented by the Branch Manager of the Tangerang Branch Office, Handoko.


This momentum is a further step in the development of WIKA Realty's apartment in Tangerang, JD Sevaka Residence, where the company offers 2 towers as residences for police personnel. Agung Salladin as the President Director of WIKA Realty revealed, "the signing of this Cooperation Agreement is one of our form of plans to provide special housing for ASN. This is a trust and responsibility that is not easy, but of course we try to be able to meet the needs that exist. In the future, WIKA Realty hopes that the development of JD Sevaka Residence in Tangerang will run smoothly and on target. "


Meanwhile, Head of the Metro Jaya Police Logistics Bureau, Hariono said that currently of the 35 thousand Republic of Indonesia Police personnel, only about 7 thousand personnel already have homes. Therefore, he highly welcomed the plan to develop JD Sevaka Residence. "The results of discussions with the Head of Logistics Bureau throughout Indonesia, there are quite a lot of enthusiasts for this residence," said Drs. Hariono, Head of the Metro Jaya Police Logistics Bureau, during the PKS signing ceremony on Monday (11/11).