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  • Launching Cluster Aruna Tamansari Puri Bali 2

    Sunday, 29 May 2016

    PT Wika Realty is proud to announce the launch of Tamansari Puri Bali second development, Aruna Cluster on 29 May 2016. This second phase of the residential offers 2 (two) classes, which are the 45/120 houses and 60/120 houses. The development includes 131 unit houses in total. Additionally, on the…

  • PT Wika Realty has launch Tamansari Cendekia

    Sunday, 15 May 2016

    PT Wika Realty introducing its latest apartment project in Semarang, Tamansari Cendekia. On 15 Mei 2016, Tamansari Cendekia invited the customers to select their preference on the apartment unit. This apartment offers 2 types of unit, which are studio and 2 (two) bedrooms apartment and it is also offer more…

  • Socialisation regarding Capital Market and Initial Public Offering (IPO) by OJK

    Wednesday, 11 May 2016

    On 11 May 2016, PT Wika Realty along with Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) held a socialisation regarding Capital Market and Initial Public Offering (IPO). The event was joined by the management and Board of Directors of the company along with Listing Department – Privatisation, start-up, foreign and SOE division of…

  • Tamansari Property & Lifestyle Expo 2016

    Monday, 02 May 2016

    PT Wika Realty held a Property & Lifestyle exhibition at Grand City, Surabaya from 2 until 8 May 2016. The event named as Tamansari Property & Lifestyle Expo 2016 and included 14 of its property products, which are: Tamansari Jineng, Tamansari Jivva, Tamansari Gangga, Tamansari Emerald, Tamansari Papilio, Tamansari Panoramic,…

  • Signing MoU between PT Wika Realty & MCC for Tamansari Parangloe Project

    Thursday, 14 April 2016

    PT Wika Realty held a signing event on 14 April 2016 for its latest property, Tamansari Parangloe, Makassar. The event purposes to initiated the partnership in regards of joint development project by signing the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). We partnered with MCC Overseas Ltd. – an international engineering service company…

  • REI Expo 2016 2-10 April 2016

    Saturday, 02 April 2016

    PT Wika Realty participates in REI Expo 2016 event that is held at Jakarta Convention Centre (JCC). The event is a weeklong exhibition and is one of the biggest property expo in Indonesia. As one of the Top Ten Developer Companies in 2016, PT Wika Realty exhibits 6 (six) of…

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