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  • PT Wijaya Karya Realty Held Industrial Visit from SMKN 2 Yogyakarta in relation to Educational Programs

    Wednesday, 30 October 2019

    Jakarta, 30 October 2019 - PT WIKA Realty held an industrial visit from SMK 2 Yogyakarta at the Company's Head Office at Tamansari Hive Office, Jakarta. The event is attended by management representatives of WIKA Realty, including Teguh Martono as Manager of Management Systems, Nohandika as Head of Engineering &…

  • WIKA Group Synergy in Building Indonesia

    Wednesday, 20 February 2019

    In commemoration of PT Wijaya Karya (Persero) Tbk("WIKA") 59th anniversary, WIKA and its subsidiaries, PT Wijaya Karya Realty and PT Wijaya Karya Bitumen, conducted a series of WIKA Peduli social activities through the distribution of 1,000 books to the Provincial Government of Sulawesi South on Wednesday (2/20). The event is held in…

  • WIKA Realty Plastic Bag Diet Movement in commemoration of its 19th anniversary at CFD Jakarta

    Sunday, 20 January 2019

    On commemoration of its 19th anniversary, WIKA Realty held a Plastic Bag Diet campaign on Sunday, 20 January 2019 at the Car Free Day Jakarta area (Jl. Jend. Sudirman - Jl. MH Thamrin). This event is also supported by the Board of Directors, Management, and all WIKA Realty employees who participate in the long walk while…

  • WIKA Realty Receives Visit From Politeknik Negeri Semarang

    Tuesday, 31 July 2018

    On Tuesday 31 July 2018, PT WIKA Realty Tbk receives a visit from Politeknik Negeri Semarang at the Head Office in Tamansari Hive Office, Jakarta. The management of the company represent the company on this event, such as Juni Ermawan as the Corporate Secretary, Adi Susetio as the Human…

  • WIKA Realty In WIKA Mengajar Programme At SMP PGRI Leuwi Gajah, Cimahi

    Thursday, 08 March 2018

    On 8 March 2018, PT WIKA Realty tbk held WIKA Mengajar event in Cimahi, West Java. The Company is represented by its Human Capital Manager, Mr. Adi Susetio during the event to the chosen school in PGRI Leuwi Gajah Junior High-School. This event is held as part of the…

  • BUMN Berbagi, Bingkisan Ramadhan 1438 H

    Monday, 12 June 2017

    Menjelang Hari Raya Idul Fitri, PT Wika Realty menyiapkan sebanyak 200 bingkisan Ramadhan. Pembagian bingkisan tersebut merupakan salah satu kegiatan sosial “BUMN Berbagi” yang di pimpin oleh PT. Wijaya Karya sebagai holding company PT Wika Realty sepanjang Ramadan 2017. Pemberian bingkisan tersebut dilakukan kepada masyarakat kurang mampu di lingkungan masjid…

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