Landed House

  • Tamansari Kahyangan Kendari

    Exclusive Serene Modern Artful

    Sebuah konsep hunian yang membuat Andak menikmati hidup secara optimal, dengan memadukan lingkukan yang Exclusive, Serene, Modern & Artful. Sempurnakan harmoni hidup Anda dengan pilihan cluster yang mempesona, serta area komersil dan sarana rekreasi yang melengkapi hidup Anda seutuhnya.

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  • Tamansari Majapahit Semarang

    The Luxurious Lifestyle of The Royal Bloodline

    Tamansari Majapahit Semarang, a joint venture with PT. Kekancan Mukti. This area of around 10 hectares is near to the heart of the city and its target is the middle-class market. The addition of supporting amenities such as a swimming pool led to good market absorption in 2010. In 2010 there were 3,1 hectares of land yet to be developed.

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  • Tamansari Hills Semarang

    Hunian Modern dengan Nuansa Perbukitan

    Tamansari Hill Semarang, a joint venture with PT. Kekancan Mukti. This area of 12 hectares was a new development in 2010 and represents a continuation of the cooperation with PT Kekancan Mukti already in operation at Tamansari Majapahit Semarang. Located in the upper Semarang area, this area targets the mid-range market near to the campus of Diponegoro University. In 2010, 3,2 hectares of available land were under development.

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  • Tamansari Bukit Mutiara Balikpapan

    Rhythm of The Green

    Tamansari Bukit Mutiara in Jl. MT Haryono Balikpapan. This mid-range residential area of about 49 hectares has a large part of the market share in its class in the competitive market in Balikpapan. By the end of 2010, as much as 84 percent of the land had been purchased. In 2010, development began on new clusters consisting of the types of houses favoured by consumers in the area. The clusters launched were; Berau Cluster with 155 units and an extension to Mahogany Cluster of 90 units. In 2010 there were 6,5 hectares of remaining land under development.

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