Cross cutting issues

AIPEG has identified four cross-cutting issues of primary focus: gender, human resource development, capacity building and monitoring and evaluation. It is the responsibility of AIPEG’s Management Support Team (MST) and each Sub-Facility to consider these cross-cutting issues in activities with their partner agencies.


To ensure that gender is properly addressed as one of AIPEG’s cross-cutting issues, the following are to be incorporated in all its activities:

  • Identification and prioritisation of  issues critical to improving gender perspectives and inclusion in capacity development and in formulating partner agency policies,
  • provision of a “compliance framework” in each Sub-Facility that includes a gender checklist, gender tools, and baseline data for future measurement against targets, with details to be recorded in Annual Progress Reviews.
  • Provision of expert gender advice to Sub-Facilities and partner agencies, ensuring there is a clear understanding of what is required and how to manage the process.
  • Wherever possible, ensuring that there are gender–appointed ‘champions’ in each partner agency and that they understand their role in monitoring processes and in effective follow-up.
  • Ensuring that each Sub-Facility includes reporting on gender-cross cutting issues in annual progress reports to MST.

As with the Government of Indonesia’s commitment to gender mainstreaming, so is AIPEG’s determination to have gender considerations included as an integral part of the Facility’s approach to capacity development.   This can be demonstrated in all AIPEG’s activity design and implementation.

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