International Trade Policy

TAMF III, the predecessor of AIPEG, previously concentrated its support in assisting the Ministry of Trade (MoT) to more effectively pursue Indonesia’s international trade in services interest at international trade negotiations. Another smaller component of the TAMF engagement was facilitating the MoT staff into Australian scholarship each year with the ultimate aim of increasing the overall capacity of staff and the Ministry generally.

TAMF III is also supporting the MoT in preparing for international trade negotiations in services for negotiating rounds at the World Trade Organization, ASEAN and bilateral international trade negotiations. Negotiating advice reports are being prepared for construction services, communication services, financial services, tourism services, Indonesia’s domestic regulation of the service sector and assessing the compliance of Indonesia’s domestic regulation of the service sector with Indonesia’s international trade in services commitments.

At the request of the Minister of Trade, AIPEG’s engagement will now expand to embrace – International Trade Negotiation in Services, International Trade Negotiations in Goods, Domestic Trade, Public Relation and Communications, and Institutional Development. These areas of engagement are consistent with the focus of the Ministry of Trade’s Strategic Plan 2010 to 2014 and the Ministry of Trade’s request for assistance.

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