Landed House Property Management

Sports Club Management Business Sector

There are 2 sub-units in this unit: Property I manages Club Houses, and Property II focuses on building and estate management. Property I currently manages 7 club houses with various facilities such as Driving Ranges, Swimming Pools, Tennis and Futsal Courts and space leasing. Property II manages 5 sites of Office Buildings, 1 Industrial Estate, 1 Institution/Company House and 2 Tower Apartments.


  • Tamansari Persada Kemala Club in Kalimalang Bekasi
  • Tamansari Persada Raya Club in Jatibening
  • Tamansari Pesona Bali Club in Cirendeu
  • Tamansari Bukit Club in Bandung
  • Tamansari Persada Club in Bogor
  • Tamansari Bukit Mutiara Club in Balikpapan
  • Tamansari Majapahit Club in Semarang
  • Tamansari Metropolitan Club in Manado.

In 2010, the main facilities of Club Houses are Swimming Pools, Tennis and Futsal Courts, along with Driving Ranges that are only available in Tamansari Persada Raya and Tamansari Pesona Bali. A minor change of converting tennis courts into futsal courts was implemented in order to boost sales.